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Group calls for urgent action over insecurity on Gusau- Funtua Federal highway



Zamfara Circle Community Initiative said it is deeply concerned about the alarming escalation of attacks on the Gusau to Funtua federal highway, which serves as a vital lifeline connecting Zamfara to other parts of the country.

This was contained in a statement issued by the chairman of the group, Aminu Lawal.

Lawal said in the statement that “Despite the presence of security checkpoints along the route, innocent commuters continue to fall victim to the ruthless activities of bandits who have brazenly been unleashing terror on the road and neighbouring communities for over a week, resulting in loss of lives and frequent kidnappings for ransom”, the statement added.

“These heinous acts not only undermine the safety and security of the affected communities but also disrupt economic activities and hinder development to Zamfara and other states in the Northwest region especially now that the road is being closed from 7:30 pm till morning indicating the helplessness of the situation”

“The Circle condemns these attacks in the strongest possible terms and urges the federal government, as well as the governments of Zamfara and Katsina states, to take immediate and decisive action to address this grave security challenge”

“The Circle calls on the relevant authorities to deploy additional security personnel, including police, military, community protection guards/corps along the Gusau to Funtua federal highway to provide adequate protection to commuters and communities along the road to deter these criminal elements”

“The Circle also calls on President Tinubu to give clear directives and put military personnel along the route on the red alert to respond to distress calls as there are serious allegations that security personnel deployed on the road don’t respond to bandit attacks a few miles away from their checkpoints”

The group said it was high time for the Nigerian government to employ modern technology and intelligence-driven strategies for surveillance to monitor and track the movements of bandits and swiftly deal with them.

It urged the federal government, Zamfara and Katsina States to prioritize the safety and security of their citizens by taking decisive action to address the root causes of insecurity in these troubled parts of the country.