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Arewa group asks Nigerians to demand accountability from leaders



The Arewa Movement for Good Governance, AM2G, has urged Nigerians to raise their voices and demand for accountability from their leaders.

The movement noted with dismay that at the presentation of the 2024 budget, it was alleged that the actual budget box was empty, adding that the National assembly has not come clean on the allegation beyond a verbal dismissal.

The Convener, Dr Usman Bugaje, while addressing newsmen in Kaduna on Thursday, on national issues said, “There were also allegations that members were given a certain amount in dollars to take their eyes off the budget and simply approve it, again corrupting the budget process.

“Yet again there was an allegation that the N160 million SUVs was part of the bribery for the members of the NASS to rubber stamp the budget.”

Bugaje alleged that the suspension of Senator Abdul Ningi, following his allegation that the 2024 budget was padded, appears to be a panic measure that violates the principles or representation in a democracy.

According to him, is clearly an evasive move to distract attention from the issues raised.

He lamented, “It is also unfair for an issue of this magnitude to be swept under the carpet without a thorough investigation to prove beyond doubts to the Nigerian public, who ostensibly elected these Senators to represent them, that the Senators are not culpable.

“From the video clips shown by the media covering the National Assembly, we found it intriguing that after the suspension and as Senator Ningi was walking out of the chamber with the heap of evidence in his hands, no senator appeared to show any compunction.”

According to him, the development suggested a conspiracy of silence in the supposedly hallowed chamber, lamenting that it apparently did not occur to the Senate that they were judges in their case or worse still, they were the prosecutors and the jury at the same time.

Speaking on the padding of 2024 budget, he said there are mountains of evidence that padding has been done, lamenting that Ningi was not allowed to present his evidence, as he was shouted down.

Speaking further, Bugaje lamented that Nigeria’s democracy is in crisis, as it is not delivering development but impoverishing the citizens, adding that more citizens are falling below the poverty line and many are trapped into multi-dimensional poverty.

According to him, “Our democracy is not creating hope on the horizon for the teaming youth who cannot even go to school and those that managed to cannot find jobs.

“Our democracy is losing its meaning, losing its value and losing its luster. Our democracy is stripping of our dignity, of our honor and of our humanity.”

He stressed that there is urgent need to restore the confidence in democracy before Nigerians lose their senses.