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Modern Iro and buba Styles everyone can Rock not only Yorubas



Originally, Iro and Buba are made out of the traditional Yoruba Aso Oke material which is a woven fabric. However, rolling with the times, Iro and Buba styles can be made out of Adire-the traditional dyed fabric, Ankara, Lace, Silk, or any material there is.

Looking for what occasion to wear your Iro and Buba to? No worries! The style can be worn for different kinds of occasions ranging from weddings to parties.

Iro and buba

As fashion evolved, so did the Iro and Buba style. From the ‘60s style of cutting the wrapper short to become Oleku, to draping the Iro in front in a goddess knot which was originally tied at the back, to the 21st century Iro gown style. Whichever style is being rocked, Iro can never go out of fashion.

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As always, we are here to give you the latest Iro and Buba Styles from Iro and Buba Ankara Styles; Iro and Buba Lace Styles; to Iro and Buba Oleku Styles. Just feast your eyes as you keep scrolling, better still, get ready to slay your Iro and Buba with these latest styles.

How to style your Iro and Buba in 2024?

Colonize it – Switch the gele for a fascinator to give that modern yet traditional look. This switch is all shades of rich aunty vibes.

Corset it! – For that snatched Figure 8, you can add a corset to your Buba.

Drape it!- This style can be achieved with lightweight materials such as silk, chiffon, etc. Simply tie the Iro in the front or at the side draping it and tying it in a knot. You can also mix and match your materials for this style by pairing Ankara and Silk, Lace and Ankara, etc.

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Fringe It!- Give your style that extra pizzaz when your add fringe or feathers to the hem of your Iro and Buba or either of the two.

Bling It!- They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Whatever makes you sparkle, do it, sis. Adding rhinestone, pearls, or Swarovski crystals to your style will not only make you stand out, but you will also outshine them all.

Lace It!-  Lace is that link between traditional and modern when it comes to this classic style. The overall look is nothing but pure class.

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More Iro and Buba Styles

Cut It!- Yes! Oleku is back and giving all shades of finesse like it never left. Simply adjust the length of your Iro slightly above or below your knee and viola! Oleku!

Blend it!- For your Iro and Buba  Ankara style, you can blend it with a  modern design cotton fabric or keep it simple and stylish.

Construct it!- There is nothing like a dress looking like a work of art, especially a structured dress. Every cut and curve is designed to fit your body.