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Nigerian Customs Salary Structure and Bonuses in 2024 Check Now !



Learn about how much money people in the Nigerian Customs Service make in 2024 and the extra payments they can get. Find out about their jobs and how to join them for a good salary.

Are you interested in joining the Nigerian Customs Service (NCS)?

If you want to work for the Nigerian Customs Service and want to know about their ranks and how much they pay their employees, keep reading this article.

Nigerian Customs Salary Structure

Just like the police, army, civil defense, and immigration, the Nigerian Customs Service pays its employees based on their ranks. Recently, the minimum wage in Nigeria increased from N18,000 to N30,000, and this affected the salaries of NCS workers as well.

What is the Nigerian Customs Service?

The Nigerian Customs Service is a government agency that helps control and manage trade in Nigeria. They are responsible for making sure goods come in and go out of the country correctly and for collecting money from customs duties.

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What Does the NCS Do?

The NCS’s main job is to protect Nigeria’s borders and make sure people follow customs laws. They stop illegal things from being brought into the country, make sure everyone follows the rules for importing and exporting goods, and collect taxes and fees.

Where Does the NCS Work?

The NCS works at different places where things enter or leave Nigeria, like seaports, airports, and land borders.

They check the things people bring in and out, make sure everything is safe, and help businesses move their goods while keeping Nigeria safe and making money for the country.

The Salary Structure of Nigerian Customs Service

Rank Yearly Salary
Assistant Comptroller General N2,280,000
Assistant Comptrollers N1,480,000
Assistant Inspector of Customs N780,000
Assistant Superintendent Customs Officer I & II N980,000
Chief Superintendent Customs Officer N1,280,000
Comptroller General N2,500,000
Comptrollers N1,880,000
Customs Assistant N680,000
Deputy Comptroller General N2,480,000
Deputy Comptrollers N1,580,000
Deputy Superintendent Customs Officer N1,180,000
Inspector of Customs N880,000

Allowances in the Nigerian Customs

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When you become part of the Nigerian Customs, you have the opportunity to receive additional payments called allowances.

These allowances can enhance your overall income. Not everyone receives these allowances immediately, but as you progress in your job, you become eligible for them.


Here are some of the allowances you may receive:

  1. House Maintenance Allowance: Extra money to assist you in taking care of your residence.
  2. Uniform Maintenance Allowance: This allowance helps you keep your work uniform in good condition.
  3. Detective Allowance: If you have a special role within Customs, you may qualify for this allowance.
  4. Utility Allowance: Additional funds to assist you in covering expenses like water and electricity.
  5. Hazard Allowance: If your job involves risks or dangers, you may receive this allowance as compensation.
  6. Furniture Allowance: This money can be used to purchase furniture for your home.
  7. General Service Allowance: A general extra payment that you may be entitled to.
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These allowances can significantly improve your overall salary.

The Salary Structure of Nigerian Customs

The Nigerian Customs, along with other organizations responsible for safeguarding the country, has adopted a new salary structure known as the Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (CONPASS).

This new structure has resulted in an increase in the basic salary for all paramilitary officers.

Due to the rise in the minimum wage, the minimum monthly salary for a customs officer in Nigeria is now N40,000. On average, Customs Officers earn approximately N80,000 per month.

This development signifies that customs officers now receive higher remuneration, which is excellent news for individuals interested in joining this service.


Among all the paramilitary organizations in Nigeria, the Nigerian Customs Service provides one of the most attractive salary packages.

If you aspire to become a part of the Customs, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest recruitment news on this blog.

By doing so, you can remain informed and well-prepared for your opportunity to join the Nigerian Customs.