VC blames Nigeria’s challenges on ‘insincere’ citizens

The Vice-Chancellor, VC, of Ekiti State University, EKSU, Ado-Ekiti, Professor Edward Olanipekun has blamed Nigeria’s challenges on insincerity on the part of citizens.

Olanipekun said this has adversely affected various sectors and the economy of the country.

He spoke during the 81st Inaugural Lecture of the institution, delivered by a Professor of Science Education, Samuel Akingbade Jegede, entitled, ‘Science Education In Nigeria: Asphyxiating But Undulating’.

The VC challenged scholars, intellectuals and eggheads, including himself, to always come up with findings that would impact positively on the society.

He said, “The question that is begging for answer is that, which way do way go in Nigeria? To say we are at a crossroad is an understatement. The economy is something that is worrisome . But we all caused it including myself . The suit I am wearing, the shoe and even my glasses, are not made in Nigeria and we expect the Naira to strengthen against the US Dollar. It is not possible.

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“I read a write up by a Nigerian which advised we Christians to be reading the Scripture and not the Bible. I also read a piece where it was revealed that for more that 8 years, Nigeria was spending an average of 1.5 million US dollars to stabilize the value of Naira against the Dollar.

” It was alleged that some individuals have the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in their pockets. When there was dual exchange rate, they will get the money from the CBN at the official rate without any sweat and sell at the black market gaining between N300 and N400 on every dollar. Of course, we also know what happened to the issue of fuel subsidy.”

While stating that all Nigerian leaders have a lot of work to do , Olanipekun added, “Spiritual leaders should ask questions about the source of income of their followers when they bring tithes that is higher that their income. That is why I said earlier that it is not our country that is bad but we people made the country to be bad. I believe they are the representatives of God , they have onerous task of rebuking these people who are contributing to the woes of the country.”

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The professor of Industrial Chemistry stressed the need for all stakeholders to come together to fix the country’s oil refineries.

He said, “Even though I know there would be strong resistance to it. Because some people are already making a lot of money but will that get the country right?

“Just like the issue of our electricity to our national grid, the power generating sets importers will continue to sabotage. But if we all come together and form a united front and make a pledge that this country is ours and we have no other country, whether we ‘japa’, whether you like it or not, you will sure ‘japa’ back home one day. We have heard of our people being killed abroad, even when you are holding their passport, they don’t see you as one them. If they don’t make their country, will you go there?

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“Many years ago, while we were in secondary school, most of our teachers are foreigners. From Ghana, India, Bangladesh even from Europe, where are they today?

“It is not enough to be saying UNESCO recommends a minimum of 26 per cent of GDP should be committed to education without doing what we are supposed to do. Has government even budgeted up to 10 per cent of the GDP to education?”

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