PSC clarifies alleged recruitment of repentant thugs into police in Kano

The Police Service Commission has explained that the Special Constabulary are not policemen and not recognised as such by the commission and government. recalls that a report of the recruitment of 50 repentant thugs into the Kano State Police Command had gone viral on social media some days ago.

However, Ikechukwu Ani, Head, Press and Public Relations, in a statement on Thursday, said, “the attention of the Police Service Commission has been drawn to the operations of the Special Constabulary in Kano State, especially the issue of a repentant criminal said to have been recruited into the organisation.

“The Commission, however, notes that the constabulary operations are covered and recognised by the Police Act and are readily useful and needed now that the nation is fighting to end the siege of criminals across the country.”

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According to the statement, the Commission is in touch with the Kano State Police Command and is aware that using the Constabulary is to support the police in building a crime-free Kano State.

“It is necessary to state that the men and women recruited as Special Constabulary are posted to work in their locality where they will be in a better position to fish out the criminals terrorising the place.

“Some of the repentant influential youths previously used in the past as political thugs and abandoned have realised that crime does not pay and have voluntarily offered themselves to assist fight for a crime-free state,” the statement further added.

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According to the statement, the Commission is also aware that the Kano Special Constabulary has received adequate training and are working in their local government areas as required by law but under strict supervision of the State Police Command.

“Their engagement is obviously for visibility and to promote sustainable peace, economic growth and development of the state.

“The Commission will continue to partner with the police to ensure an improved security of lives and property in the country,” it said.

It noted that security is not only a government responsibility but that of every Nigerian and called for a citizen-based approach to security in Nigeria.

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According to the statement, the Commission, in consultation with the Inspector-General of Police, will ensure that the uniform of the Constabularies are clearly differentiated from that of the Nigeria Police Force to avoid cases of identity crisis and also define their specific roles in the security architecture of the nation.

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